a blog about creative side hustles, etsy-entrepreneurship, and disabled freelancing

a blog about creative side hustles, etsy-entrepreneurship, and disabled freelancing


I’m Pauline! I like to call myself a “creative website developer”: aka, I write code for a living for all kinds of websites (these days, mainly Shopify websites for fancy bougie brands) but I have an interest in all things artistic. I love getting my hands stained with paint, spending a late night writing new stories, and learning new hands-on skills to create something useless. I can and have spent hours skimming the pages of Etsy.

Simply put, I love art and what people do with their creativity. I’m not an internet “guru”, far from it. I’m learning with you guys and sharing it because I love what we’re about. When I’m around nerdy creatives, I am with my people. I also love the world of small handmade businesses. It’s a unique space that lacks resources while drowning in mixed messages. I started Pink Pursuits because I believe my experience in the advertising industry and brands can help small handmade business owners.

I also find that being a disabled creative gives me further insight into why small businesses and artistic pursuits can be so beneficial to the world. I struggle a lot with my disabilities and want to shed light on an invisible struggle, especially as a creative workaholic.

I think these ideas of disabilities, small business ownership, and art all can intersect in interesting ways. I hope that I can capture that and entertain a reader along the way.

Random facts you didn’t ask for: I love bright vibrant colors as well as the 90s goth aesthetic I never satiated as a 90s’ kid. I have a fat orange tabby cat (the mascot of the site) named Jonesy after the cat in my favorite movie: Alien, a wild terrier named Jessie, and a tiny 1.7lb chihuahua named Patti.

Getting in Touch

I’m open to guest posts, interviews, and reviews. I do not give away backlinks, so please do not email me to ask for a free link. I only seek mutually beneficial and positive collaborations. Email me at pauline@pinkpursuits.com.

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