When I graduated from college, I had no idea the journey I’d be taking in my professional career. I leaped in, head first, into the advertising world. I felt as if I was in the movies where deadlines were real, and creativity led the way. Phrases like “hurry up and wait” and “feast or famine” were sayings I’d nod in agreement with when hearing film production interviews on tv. 

I met the more passionate people entirely devoted to their craft. The buzzing, creative energy was so exciting. There were always campaigns to launch, websites to build, and brands to conceptualize. Needless to say, I learned a lot. I was like a sponge- trying to absorb every drop of wisdom and savvy.

Then the pandemic hit. My own projects at home and projects I thought about became my focus. I’ve propelled myself with all I’ve learned in my own ventures and realized I have learned a lot. And I want to share it.

My Etsy career started before the pandemic, and even as a side gig, I noticed so many things other sellers lacked. So many things I knew that I can share from my time in advertising. Things such as branding, design, site-architecture, and copywriting to lead our audience.

When you’re an Etsy seller, you likely don’t have a lot to spend on extraneous expenses. Yet I saw people spend money on features or branding that wouldn’t serve their shop. I want them to save their money and, better yet, empower them!

I feel strongly that my perspective is unique. I’ve been described as a unicorn in my career: an uncommon blend of designer and developer. I found my strengths, and I want to help others find theirs too.

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I offer website development, SEO, UX optimization, Pinterest, content marketing, and copywriting. If you’re interested in working with me to help your business, visit my personal website at https://paulineorr.com

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Questions and ideas? Email me!

I’m open to guest posts, interviews, and reviews. I do not give away backlinks, so please do not email me to ask for a free link. I only seek mutually beneficial and positive collaborations.

Contact me at pauline@pinkpursuits.com.

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