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August Roundup + News

August 8, 2020
Small puppy in my hand.

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Once a month I post a link roundup. I talk about the blog, myself, Etsy, and any other relevant news!

Pink Pursuits and “Me” News

  • I got a new puppy. She is absurdly small and I’m sure she’ll be making an appearance alongside Jonesy on my Instagram (@pink_pursuits).
  • Busy this week with freelance work (YES). If it goes exactly how I hope it will, I think I’ll have a neat ‘product’… In any case, I need to work on my personal freelance website.
  • I am so touched by all the lovely responses I got from the amazing Etsy sellers in the last blog post. Be sure to read up and check out these kind sellers.
  • I am NEARLY finished with my first PDF guide book. I even set up shop here and have other plans on how to sell it. I’m currently seeking ONE more TESTER to read, review, and fill a survey on it. If interested, email me at pauline@pinkpursuits.com. You’ll be getting this draft version for free!


Link Round-Up

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