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a blog about creative side hustles, etsy-entrepreneurship, and disabled freelancing

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July 6, 2020

My Colorsnapper Review. A Trusted App for Website Development for Years

A Colorsnapper Review: ColorSnapper is an app for Apple Macs to grab the colors directly from your screens. You can format how you get the colors and its a very quick, easy way to get the color you need without disrupting your workflow. I can’t tell you how much I use this for while managing my business, website development, or even in random tasks.

My Colorsnapper Review (pictured: logo)

Please note, while I review and recommend this app, I am not in any way affiliated with it. I just love this app and want to share how it works. It’s been useful for me over the years and I think it can help others too!

Who’s It For

I think anyone working in website development or graphic design will find this extremely useful. However, I’ve found it useful in managing my Etsy business and blog. For example, let’s say I”m designing an email for my shop to go out. I realize I need a button in a brand color. Instead of looking at my files for the hex code for my brand’s signature color, I can make 2 clicks to quickly get my color on my clipboard to paste in. Anyone who works on the web and has to use color at all will probably find this tool useful!

Features and How I Use It

A quick video on how I use it. (Please admire my BTS Lisa Frank wallpaper).

Once you download and install it, it’s so easy to use. You’ll see it in the top toolbar of your screen (the app needs to be opened for it to show up). You’ll click the icon and select “Pick Color”.

Options when clicking the Colorsnapper 2 app in your top toolbar

You’ll also see the most recent colors you’ve picked for easy access. You just click the color and its copied to your clipboard! So once you select “Pick Color”, you’ll have a magnifying glass as your mouse.

Once you “snap” your color, it’ll automatically be added to your recent colors list and your clipboard. So in my case, I usually have the hex code ready to paste wherever I need it.

By the way, another cool thing about the magnifying glass is that you can customize how much your magnifying glass zooms into your screen. You can set it through the preferences or simply scrolling your mouse closer or farther. This helps you get the most pixel-perfect pick you’ll ever need.

What if you don’t need a hex code? You can change what gets copied to your clipboard by selecting the “Colors & Formats” option.

Colors and Formats menu

You have all the usual options a developer or Etsy seller may need in their marketing. I usually only ever need the generic (or CSS) hex code and CSS RGB. I’ve only ever needed the HSL / HSLA one or two times as a website developer.

Of course, there are keyboard shortcuts you can learn. I haven’t. There are also other settings with how large you want your “capture area”, color overlay, and even if you want your values to be uppercase or not. Also, I’m happy to announce there’s a dark mode too!

Where to Find It and How Much Does it Cost

You can find this app in the Apple App Store here and check out the official Colorsnapper website. The app has a free trial to see if its right for you. The license itself is very reasonable at USD 8.99. Its last update (at the time of writing this) was June 10, 2020, so this is a well-kept, maintained app.

Colorsnapper Review Conclusion

I’ve used this app for several years now. I first got it before I started my website development job. I then went on to impress coworkers with this nifty tool. It really is that useful for developers and as I’ve managed my brands/shops on Etsy, it’s only continued to serve my needs. I highly recommend this for developers, designers, and anyone who works on the web. You’ll be surprised how often you’ll use it.

For more tools and apps I recommend, check out my resources page.

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