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a blog about creative side hustles, etsy-entrepreneurship, and disabled freelancing

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August 3, 2020

Need Ideas to Extend Your Product Lines? Or Brainstorming on What You Can Make and Sell on Etsy to Start Your Shop? Here’s a list for you!

Etsy sellers, handmade shops, and artists searching for a new product idea often get stuck. I know from personal experience, it can be hard to find that “perfect” product or just an additional product that will go nicely to what you already make. So after much googling and research, I’ve made this handy list just for you guys!

Some of these ideas will be actual products. Some of them may be different artistic mediums. I’m including both because I do think they can both help in the brainstorming phase of product development. You never know where the perfect idea will come from on what the next product you make and sell on Etsy!

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links to products and services. This means that if you click on my link to make a purchase then I will get a small commission at no extra expense to you. You can read my Disclaimer and Privacy Policy for more details.

The List

Four artistic product ideas
Pictured: Temporary Tattoo by KGreerDesigns, Enamel Pin by TigerandCat, Paper Mache Earrings by EfthimiaPapierMache, and Grill Themed Tea Towel by PotluckPressShop
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Pins (Enamel, clay, shrinky-dinks, embroidered, paper mache, etc)
  • Paper Mache
  • Tea and Dish Towels


Self Care Cards by THISDAYIAM, Thank You Notes by NelsPaintings, Glass Painting Magnet by ArtVitrag, and Stained Glass Suncatcher by CasadeColoresShop.
  • Card decks: such as playing cards, affirmation cards, tarot cards, artistic prompts, etc.
  • Stationary, notecards, invitations
  • Glass painting and art
  • Stained glass decor and suncatchers (Here’s some more inspiration here).


Resin Keychains by , Nina Simone Sticker by


Acrylic Pour Wall Hanging by
  • Acrylic Pour Art
  • Oil painting
  • Collage and mixed media art
  • Watercolor art


Dollhouse Crafts by
  • Dollhouse crafts (think of all the things a doll family needs in their 2 story house)
  • Prints and giclee art
  • Russian nesting dolls
  • Ceramic crafts
  • Decorative signs


T-shirt by
  • Shirts, hoodies
  • Coffee mugs, cups, and travel drinkware
  • Tanktops
  • Baby and children’s’ clothing


Embroidery hoop art by
  • Embroidery art
  • Crochet
  • Refurbishing and painting toy figurines
  • American Girl dolls (and others) handmade clothing.
  • Or other handmade accessories for popular toys
  • Weaving and fiber arts


Zine on healing by
  • Zines and booklets
  • Felted art
  • Quilts and blankets
  • Cross stitch


Shrinky-dink earrings by
  • Shrinky dinks
  • Pencil cases and pouches
  • Wall stickers and murals
  • Embroidery (hoops, patches, magnets, embellishment to clothing, etc)


Tin Milagros by
  • Tin / metal crafts
  • Shells, pressed petals, and other natural materials
  • Memorial items, portraits, and decor
  • Risograph printed art


Oreo cookie socks by
  • Socks (hats, mittens, gloves, and scarves)
  • Tote bags (I like how they stamped the pictured tote bag with an apple!)
  • Gift wrap (the pictured gift wrap is made with stamps!)
  • Stamp and block printing


Wall metal wire art by
  • Wire art and jewelry
  • Patches (A lot of ways to make these: screen or lino printed, embroidered, bulk custom ordered)
  • Notebooks, planners, and journals
  • Phone covers


Pillowcase by
  • Pillowcases and tapestries
  • Concrete crafts
  • Trinket dishes, spoon rests, and coasters
  • Screen printed art (and clothes)


Cool creative things to create for your Etsy store
3D Printed Kraken by
  • 3D printed figures, decor, and items
  • Calligraphy and hand lettering
  • Skateboard
  • Wood-based products


Fabric vase by
  • Fabric art
  • Refurbished furniture
  • Paper quilling
  • Vector art


Wine bottle wind chime by
  • Wind chimes, bird feeders, birdbaths, birdhouses, and outdoor decor
  • Recycled wine bottles and glass
  • Face masks, neck gaiters
  • Tie-dye
  • Children’s games, puzzles, and kits
  • Drawer knobs, light switch plates


Keepsake box by
  • Keepsake and decorative boxes (think about special occasions)
  • Vases, urns, containers
  • Clutches, purses, lunch bags, and bags
  • Planters and garden decor


Coffee Pour Over by
  • Coffee pour-over, coffee filters, and coffee accessories
  • Napkins, napkin rings, placemats, and tabletop decor
  • Wall hanging, garlands, party decor, and nursery mobiles
  • Holiday-themed decor: advent calendars, Easter bunny eggs, and Valentine gifts


Pom pom picture frame by
  • Pom pom crafts and decor
  • Picture frames
  • Pet bows ties and bandanas
  • Trivets, pot holders, and oven mitts
  • Organizers and boards


More items to make and sell on Etsy
Bookends by
  • Bookends
  • Chakra trees
  • Candleholders (and candles)
  • Trays, ashtrays, and catch-alls


More Etsy shops
Rosary by
  • Rosary and prayer beads
  • Origami art and decor
  • Prayer flags and other spiritual items
  • Finger labyrinths and other meditation aids


Fantasy diorama by
  • Diorama and terrariums
  • Cork-based products
  • Pet collars, toys, and accessories
  • Calendars
  • Weird things


Conclusion on My List of Products to Make and Sell On Etsy

This list is not comprehensive of every possible craft you can make and sell on Etsy. There’s are countless opportunities and endless niches to create products for. Think in and outside the box, listen to what people want and need, and find solutions to help them! I hope this helps get the ball rolling in during your brainstorming!

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