The Primrose Craft Fair 2020

What is this?

The Primrose Craft Fair is an experimental virtual craft fair for online handmade businesses. The craft fair will feature a stunning webpage with all participating shop’s “tables.” Primrose intends to encourage sales with digital advertising and a raffle.

How does it work?

Sellers can apply for a table. Tables are the seller’s shop section that lists the shop’s name, tagline, description, 4 product photos, a coupon code, and a direct link. If approved, sellers will pay $35 for their table, generate a coupon code (and URL), and be responsible for reporting purchases with a Google spreadsheet template they’ll receive.

We will not dictate how much your coupon code must discount. It will be meant for us to better track purchases.

Before the event, Primrose will advertise on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to get interested in potential customer’s email addresses to let them know when the event starts. Advertising will continue during the event, and customers are incentivized to make purchases to get raffle tickets. The more they buy, the more tickets they get!

Everyone will have access to advertising material to promote the event to their customer base. The advertising material will be graphics for social media and email marketing.

When does it start?

Early-mid November is our goal date. It is subject to change. My goal is to run it before Black Friday and December.

The raffle

The raffle is for a $50 Etsy gift card. To get a ticket, you must make a purchase $10 purchase in one of our craft fair’s shops. You can get more than one ticket. For example, if you spend $30, you’ll get three tickets. We’ll choose the winner randomly, but the most tickets you have, the better your odds.

Participant responsibilities

To get a table, you must apply with the form below. If approved, you will be expected to:

  • Pay the table fee (currently set at $35)
  • Create a coupon code and send us a shop URL link
  • Send product photos, shop tagline, description, and name
  • Report purchases made with the coupon by a specific deadline (to be determined). You will receive a Google Spreadsheet template you will copy from, fill out, and send back to us.
  • You’ll be encouraged to promote the event to your social media and email marketing platforms, but it is not required.

I need more information!

Here is a PDF with some more information.

I want to stay in the loop!

You can sign up for the Primrose email list right here.

Apply for a table:

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