Website UX Audit: Security, UX, SEO, and Page Speed


Make sure your website provides the best experience with a website UX audit. I’ll check everything that makes up the user experience and give you an actionable, clear list of what you’re doing right and what can be improved.

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Make Your Website Work for You

What is UX?
User-experience is a broad term to describe the interaction between a product and its user. In a more specific sense, it is the practice of designing to create positive and clear experiences for users.

Why Optimize Your Website for User Experience?
– Raise your rate of conversions
– Lower bounce rates
– Create memorable and positive experiences with your brand
– Clarify your message and user path

Why Am I Person To Do This?
– I’m a website developer who’s worked in the advertising industry for 5+ years
– I’ve built, optimized, and audited countless websites
– I’ve studied marketing, SEO, and user experience
– I have the tools and resources to perform an effective audit

What I Do In An Audit
– I want to create a clear path for your users. What is the journey you want your visitors to take? What will lead them to a conversion?
– I look at your website, holistically. That means I look at it from an SEO lens, then UX lens, website development, and so on.
– I will seek to prevent any confusion (your biggest enemy in marketing and sales) on your website
– My audit includes your mobile and desktop experience

How it Works & What You’ll Get
– You’ll send me information about you and your shop. We’ll discuss a little bit about any issues you see, what you want your website to do for you, and review any analytic reports you currently have.
– Google Analytics data is beneficial in this package
– I’ll take all this information and perform an audit on your website
– I’ll put all my findings in a report

Your Personalized Audit Will Include:
– basic things you can do to improve the overall experience
– coding issues that can be negatively affecting the experience
– suggestions on your copy and messaging
– feedback on website architecture
– any missing or poor SEO
– anything else of note (such as critical security issues)

What About Post-Audit Support?
I am open to discuss post-audit support and services to help you address problems.

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